June 8, 2010

Whether you call them weed trimmers, line trimmers or Weed Eaters (a brand), it’s hard to deny the pleasure that comes with whipping weeds into fragments of green matter.

I’m sorry if I offend anybody by the violent images that may come to mind, but weeds tend to have the advantage, so any weapon in our war to keep them out of gardens and paths is welcome to me.

I know that to some, weeds are simply “flowers in a place we would rather they were not,” but I just spent the weekend sifting through a 10′ x 50′ terrace and slope. Until now the area had held raspberry bushes and … weeds.

My efforts included hand forking every square foot with my potato fork and picking out root clumps and root segments on my hands and knees. 

Now, I know stinging nettles are beneficial at delivering minerals from deep in the ground to the surface and grasses hold soil in place, but I would just as soon not see them return to the area any time soon. That includes the nearby periphery.

That’s why I finished the job by firing up my Stihl weed trimmer and giving the surroundings a trim. I know I spewed noxious gasses into the air and did my part for global warming, but the fact is … it felt good.

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