January 23, 2014

Why PDF Patterns Are Wonderful (HobbyFarms.com)

It’s a new year and time to talk sewing again. I wanted to start off the new year by expounding on the virtues of PDF sewing patterns or e-patterns. Huh! What? Let me explain.

What is a PDF Pattern?
A PDF pattern or e-pattern is a sewing pattern that you purchase online. Once the transaction has finalized, a box may open with a link to the pattern. Sometimes, the pattern is sent to your email in a zip file. Other times, you are immediately redirected to an instant download page.

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However you have received your pattern, the next thing you do is download it to your computer and then you have it forever—as long as you back things up.

Why PDF Patterns Are Wonderful (HobbyFarms.com)

The fun begins once you have downloaded and opened the pattern. Like all other sewing patterns, you will receive a supply list, yardage amounts, sizing information and the actual pattern. The difference is that you have to print the pattern before you can cut it out. Yes, you will be using your printer and your ink, but that is the beauty here. If you have ever incorrectly cut out a paper pattern, then you know how frustrating that can be. With PDF patterns, all you have to do is print out another one.

Why PDF Patterns Are Wonderful - Photo by Leslie Rutland (HobbyFarms.com)
Photo by Leslie Rutland/The Seasoned Homemaker

I’m going to demonstrate here with one of my apron patterns. When you open the PDF file, you should find a pattern map that will direct you on how you should assemble the printed pattern tiles. Print out the pattern tiles according to the directions and then tape them together according to the pattern map.

Why PDF Patterns Are Wonderful - Photo by Leslie Rutland (HobbyFarms.com)
Photo by Leslie Rutland/The Seasoned Homemaker

It’s really that easy. At this point, I like to trace my pattern onto pattern paper, as it’s easier to manipulate for size adjustments. However, if the pattern doesn’t need resizing (like an apron), then you can lay it out and start cutting.

PDF Patterns are Ecomonical
PDF patterns are by far more economical than almost any other sewing pattern out there, especially where children’s clothes are concerned. Think about it, you buy one PDF pattern in multiple sizes—something like children’s pajamas. Every year, when you need a larger size, you open the pattern, print out the next size, and sew it up.

Sewing things like T-shirts, simple skirts, pajamas and other classics makes this is a sewing mom’s dream. The convenience of already having the pattern and the savings from not having to buy another size make PDF patterns an overall winner.

Instant Gratification
Are you an instant-gratification-type person? Well, PDF patterns will hit the mark here. Find a pattern you love, purchase it, print it and sew it. If it’s a simple design, like a T-shirt, you could be done before lunch. This is ideal when you need a quick gift or live a great distance from a store that carries paper patterns. The beauty is in the instant. Time saved, money saved.

Buy PDF Patterns
PDF patterns are everywhere on the Internet, but I have a short list of go-to places where I like to get mine. When searching for a particular type of pattern, use the search box to find what you need (example: children’s T-shirts).

Some of these sellers also have free PDF patterns. Spend some time searching—you’ll be amazed at what you can find.

  • Etsy
  • Craftsy
  • YouCanMakeThis
  • Burda
  • Go To Patterns

Here’s a Freebie
I offer a free PDF apron pattern for anyone who subscribes to my blog, The Seasoned Homemaker, so try a PDF pattern on me. All you need to do is type in your email address in the top right-hand corner box saying “Subscribe to Updates.” You will be sent an email, click on the link, and the box will open with your download.

And, a couple hours later, you could have a new apron.

Leslie Rutland at The Craft Hub
About Leslie Rutland
Leslie is a serial sewist, master gardener, wannabe farmer, gluten-free food blogger, mom and grandmother who is in love with all things delightfully domestic. She joins the Craft Hub family every month with an easy sewing project that anyone can make. To see her most recent projects, keep in touch at The Seasoned Homemaker.


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