Tiffany Lin
February 7, 2012

West Coast Chill

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The West Coast Chill Pure Energy Drink can drops 30 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes of being activated.

Joseph Company International is taking the word “cool” to a different level. This spring, the Calif.-based company plans to launch “West Coast Chill Pure Energy Drink,” packaged in the world’s first self-chilling can.

Boasting the slogan, “The Ice Age is Over,” the beverage features Environmental Protection Agency Strostospheric Award-winning “Microcool technology,” developed, patented and licensed by Joseph Company International. The eco-friendly can does not require energy and instead uses CO2 reclaimed from the atmosphere and activated carbon derived from a renewable vegetable source. Eliminating the need for ice or refrigeration, the can activates when a button on it is pressed, which drops the beverage a whopping 30 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes.  

“The Chill Can will revolutionize the beverage industry and the way the consumer perceives a cold drink,” says Joseph Company International CEO Mitchell J. Joseph.

Initially, West Coast Chill Pure Energy Drink will only be available in select convenience stores in Southern Calif. and Las Vegas. As part of West Coast Chill, Inc.’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle bins will be available to collect the cans for reuse.

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