October 4, 2011

Former garage and workshop-to-be
Photo by Jim Ruen
I’m in the process of transforming my garage into a workshop.

After years of using a corner of our unheated car garage for a workshop, I am in the process of making a change. With the addition of a hoop building to store the ATV, leaf shredder, lawn mower and accessories, it was time to rearrange other things as well. Our 8- by 12-foot garden shed will soon be my workshop.

The first step was emptying the shed of garden tools and finding a new home for them on the garage wall. I took advantage of the move to scrub the spades and post-hole digger of accumulated dirt in preparation for winter. One of the positive aspects of the new tool display is dirty tools will be front and center, begging for attention every time we step into the garage. It was too easy to lose track of such things in the crowded garden shed.

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The second step to the process was removing nails that held long-handled spades and forks. I also dismantled (with my biggest hammer) several sets of shelves installed 10 years ago. Thanks to lots of steel nails and liquid nail, they were as solid as the day they were put in place.

The third step was to remove the Oriented Strand Board panels nailed to the wall studs. While I could have left them in place, removal would make wiring the shed easier. It also might resolve the resident-mouse problem. Boy, did it!

Over the years, huge mouse nests had been built behind the panels. As I removed one panel after the other, the mice exited, as well. At one point, it was cartoonish as I chased half a dozen mice out with my broom and away from my jean cuffs.

Empty but not yet ready, the workshop process continues. Next week … the cleaning!

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