World Naked Gardening Day: 10 of Our Favorite Instagram Photos

Did you expose yourself to gardening on Saturday? We did, and we saw a lot of hilarious photos from others who did the same. Here are some favorites.

by Keith Bowers
PHOTO: uglyplantlove/Instagram

Did you miss World Naked Gardening Day? It takes place the first Saturday of May every year. The organizers say it’s an opportunity for people to tend to gardens while wearing no clothes, “as nature intended.” They also recommend various ways to celebrate the day: “Make it a quiet time or make it a public splash. Just get naked and make your part of the botanical world a healthier and more attractive place.”

As the day arrived, we gave you 5 Tips for Gardening Naked, because, well, there are some added concerns when you garden in the buff. Where I live in Western Oregon, May is making up for the seemingly endless rain and flooding that April brought in the Pacific Northwest, and it was a gorgeous day to get outside for a clothing-optional gardening session. (See photo No. 4 below.)

Others across the country and the world joined in, too, and many people shot creative, funny and really unexpected photos for Instagram. We found thousands of shots so didn’t have time to look at every one, but here are 10 favorites we came across.

1. A Rose by Any Other Name …

Michael Retter of Fort Worth, Texas, (Instagram username rettermichael) found a beautiful substitute for the more-predictable fig leaf.

2. Getting to the Root of the Matter

Instagram user lexcs_ took the opportunity to show off a remarkably anatomically correct set of carrots.

3. You Could Learn a Lot From a Dummy

Instagram user mother_jungle_ not only exposed herself to gardening but also to art. Or, is it art that’s being exposed to gardening?

4. North(west)ern Exposure

Saturday was a gorgeous spring day in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, so my wife, Daphne, and I took advantage of the weather and scenery to get in a little bit of garden work.

5. Naked Gardening Is a Weighty Matter

Just ask Alina Zubova (black_meringue), who got this very creative shot illustrating her point.

6. Plant-based Mischief

Says Mandy K (mandy_moondreamer), “It’s always kind of a thrill when you never know if the neighbors will look out their windows.”

7. I Can’t Be-leaf You Did That

Aptly named Instagram user leafmealoene finds visual double-entendre while gardening indoors.

8. Intergalactic Flower-Cutting

Photographer Greg Larro of Orlando (greglarro) combined the date (May 4 — Star Wars Day — “May the Fourth Be With You”) with World Naked Gardening Day to get some fun shots.

9. What a Doll

The Irreverent Gardener (irrev_gardener) offered this hilarity: “You wouldn’t normally find me with my turnips on display to the world, but I felt I needed to join in somehow. I think my skin is looking a bit plasticky but other than that I’m feeling good about my lovely lady lumps. Although those poached egg plants got in places they probably shouldn’t.”

10. I Love You Gnome Matter What You Look Like

Here’s a nice closing shot: This playful garden gnome just couldn’t bear to look. (Thanks, ldesignbyjodie.)

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