Colleen Supan
June 8, 2012

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Graphic courtesy of The Ocean Project

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Today is the celebration of the 20th World Oceans Day.

World Oceans Day, an event recognized by the United Nations, is in its 20th year today. This year’s them is Youth: the Next Wave for Change. According to The Ocean Project, today is an international celebration of the huge body of water that touches the every continent, what it gives us and what the ocean represents.

Awareness of the celebration includes events, the sharing of ideas and “Wearing Blue and Telling Two.” A number of aquariums, zoos and museums will be hosting celebrations throughout the day. Participants who want to spread the word about what oceans offer us and how they’re in danger wear blue and “tell two other people about the oceans’ vital role in Earth’s ecology,” states To participate in the many events going on around the world, go here.

Alyssa Isakower, World Oceans Day coordinator, says, “The worldwide response has been more enthusiastic than ever. June 8th provides a chance for the world to rally for a generation of ocean advocates who go beyond raising awareness and take real action for ocean protection.”

At the helm of World Oceans Day is the organization The Ocean Project, whose mission is to advance “ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums and museums (ZAMs) around the world.” Its goal is to help partners “educate the public and their visitors to change attitudes and behaviors for conservation.”

The Ocean Project also performs marketing research to help ZAMs plan their events and form their education for their customers and visitors. You can read this information here.

For more information about The Ocean Project and World Oceans Day, visit

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