Would You Eat Cheese Made From Pig’s Milk?

A Dutch hog farmer wants to market pig’s milk cheese.

by Dani Yokhna

Would You Eat Cheese Made from Pig’s Milk? (HobbyFarms.com)

Piggy’s Palace/Facebook

Cheese made from cows and goats is fairly common. Cheese made from pigs is not. Erik Stegink, a farmer at Piggy’s Palace in Bathmen, Overijssel in the Netherlands is looking to change that – or at least get some curious tourists to try it.

Stegink told Munchies that milking a pig is not easy. “Pigs produce less milk in comparison to cows: every two hours they release the milk for about 30 seconds so you have to be quick. Four of us were at it with coffee cups, and per time you only get about 100 milliliters. If you want to collect ten liters—which is needed for about two pounds of cheese—you’re busy for at least 40 hours.”

With all that work it’s no surprise that Stegnik is not looking to market this cheese in large quantities. His goal, according to Munchies, is to let half of it be sampled at a guided farm tour and auction off the other half.

There is one question to be asked, though, that may be more important than any others: what does it taste like? Sure, it’ll taste different to different people, but according to Stegnik, “If you taste it with your eyes closed, there are distinct differences with semi-matured cheese. We think it’s a bit saltier and creamier. It dissipates quicker on your tongue and it’s grainier.”

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Have you ever tried pig’s milk or cheese made from it? Would you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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