You Know You Always Wanted To See A Goat Play Jingle Bells On Guitar

Jemima the Goat is all about the Christmas songs this year.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: Jemima the Goat/YouTube

With Christmas mere days away, we at Urban Farm couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a Christmas video with you. There are so many holiday songs nowadays – some new, some old and some that are new takes on old classics. Like “Jingle Bells.”

Just about everyone has recorded their own version of that song. You can find versions by Julie Andrews, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and even The Chipmunks. And now there’s a version by a goat named Jemima. She plays guitar while wearing a Santa Claus sweater and reindeer antlers. She’s so talented that she can eat while she plays!

Admit it, after watching that you were pretty impressed. So impressed, in fact, that you need more. Well, here you go:

We wonder if Jemima the Goat is asking for new guitar strings for Christmas.

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