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You, Too, Can Put ‘Chicken Enthusiast’ On Your Résumé

What exactly is a chicken enthusiast, you ask? We didn’t know either, but apparently it’s someone who really loves chickens.

by Cari JorgensenJanuary 5, 2016
PHOTO: Instagram

People sometimes get a little creative when it comes to their job titles. Instead of Receptionist, it’s Director of First Impressions. Rather than Website Manager, they put Digital Overlord. A quick Internet search produced job titles such as Professional Snuggler, Head of Potatoes, Chocolate Beer Specialist and various titles that included the word “ninja” or “guru.”

Then there’s the Entertainment Weekly listing of the occupations of The Bachelor’s bachelorettes. While most have jobs we’ve all heard of, two have “twin” listed as their occupation and one listed something that made us pause. Next to 26-year-old Tiara Soleim’s name are the words “Chicken Enthusiast.”

What exactly is a chicken enthusiast, you ask? We didn’t know either, but apparently it’s someone who really loves chickens. Soleim’s Instagram features chickens, her ABC profile lists chickens as one of her top five things she can’t live without and when asked what her guiltiest pleasure was, she answered, “Chickens. If I see chickens anywhere, I want to stop and hold them.”

So is this a real job? Unlikely, especially since it isn’t even Soleim’s real job; she’s actually a dental assistant. But that doesn’t mean it’s not something you can add to your résumé. I once again did an Internet search and one of the first things that came up was the Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts group. According to the group’s profile, “This group is intended to create a community for people who either have chickens or are thinking seriously about getting chickens. You should join if you like the idea of fresh eggs, local, ethical food and enjoy sharing your life with the amazing creatures that hens and roosters are. We also have the most awesome message board under the discussion tab, by joining you get to share your experiences and ask and hear from others. We are a very diverse family of chicken lovers and welcome you with open arms!”

Would you put chicken enthusiast on your résumé?

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