pigs winter cold prerp

Tips For Prepping Pigs For Winter Weather

If you choose to keep pigs over the winter, you’ll need to prepare their shelter and water dispensers, as well as plan for their health needs, before cold hits.

How Our Farm Uses Homeopathy

I want to continue our homeopathy discussion last week by showing you how Mom uses the remedies on our farm.

Portuguese water dog

Mourning Our Good Friend Fayre

This has been a sad week for Uzzi and me. Our special friend, Fayre, the Portuguese Water Dog, died last Friday evening.

Pinkeye in Animals

Sweetie, our new pygmy goat who has pinkeye, is doing better. She can see out of one eye!

Meet Sweetie, the Pygmy Goat

One of Mom’s friends rescued Sweetie, the Pygmy goat, but now Sweetie needs a home so she’s come to live with us on our farm.

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