bee jobs

9 Hive Jobs of Honey Bees

Hives are full of busy bees, each with their own roles to fulfill in keeping a hive running smoothly and healthily.


5 Tips for the Lazy Beekeeper

Helping save bee populations by keeping a hive on your farm doesn’t have to be a lot of work. These tips will help you maintain a hive with ease.

God Save the Queen Bee

Beekeepers are suing the government, scientists are speaking out, and we’re all in serious trouble in the name of bees.

5 Reasons to Let White Clover Grow in Your Lawn

Up until the 1950s, white clover was included in every lawn seed mixture and having a lush, clover-infused lawn was thing of pride—especially for farmers. These days, with the heavy usage of lawn weed killers, clover is seen as an enemy of turf grass.

21 Plants that Feed Spring-Feverish Bees

One of the first signs of spring on a honey farm is a particular buzz in the air. After spending all winter cooped up indoors with several thousand family members, the worker bee understandably has a serious case of spring fever.

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